50 Inspirational Quotes from Sizu Miah

50 Inspirational Quotes from Sizu Miah

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1.“Live your life to the best of your ability and the way you want to live your life, not how others tell you to live your life”. Sizu Miah

2. “Do not be afraid to challenge anything that comes your way, for challenges make you a stronger person”. Sizu Miah

3. “Live life on your own terms not the terms set out by others”. Sizu Miah

4. “Be the best version of you”. Sizu Miah

5. “Do not let other people take control of the steering wheel of your life, as they have their own steering wheel to navigate”. Sizu Miah

6. “Don’t take non-sense from people; you know exactly what’s best for you”. Sizu Miah

7. “The best form of strength is keeping silent; it confuses those that try to undermine you”. Sizu Miah

8. “People will try to put you down and de-value everything you do, be strong don’t let fear come close to you”. Sizu Miah

9. “Inspire other with your achievements so that they may aim higher in what they do”. Sizu Miah

10. “Success is built from hard work it is not given to you for free”. Sizu Miah

11. “It is the truth that people live by not the lies that is built to become the truth”. Sizu Miah

12. “Never give up in anything, let your blood, sweat and tears take you to your destiny”. Sizu Miah

13. “You will never succeed by betraying people; always speak the truth as the truth is what leads you to the straight path”. Sizu Miah

14. “Pray to God, as he is the ultimate and the all knowing”. Sizu Miah

15. “God is kind to all; you just have to be thankful everyday even for the oxygen he lets you breathe”. Sizu Miah

16. “Hard work is what I was born to do, I never stopped working hard”. Sizu Miah

17. “Strength does not come from your body mass it comes from the heart”.  Sizu Miah

18. “Always follow you gut instinct; do not deviate from your plan”. Sizu Miah

19. “Surround yourself with good people and positivity and this is what will guide you to the right direction”. Sizu Miah

20. “Be peaceful and humble, it helps you control your mind”. Sizu Miah

21. “Know who you are and what you want in life, once you know, go chase after it, because whatever you want is always waiting for you”. Sizu Miah

22. “Respect others and look after the people around you”. Sizu Miah

23. “Do not create misery upon others as you may one day be in misery”. Sizu Miah

24. “Look after the poor and the unfortunate people at all times, they are the real ticket to finding happiness and peace within you”. Sizu Miah

25. “Look after your parents do not take anything for granted, you yourself will one day be that old man or women”. Sizu Miah

26. “Life will throw surprises and trophies at you, knowing that you only have a certain time to learn something from that experience as they will return back to where they came from. Nothing stays with you permanently”. Sizu Miah

27. “This world is a test to see which one of us will do righteous deeds and good deeds; they are the high value tickets to paradise”. Sizu Miah

28.“I was always a hardworking and motivated person; I never give up until I accomplish what I set out to do”. Sizu Miah

29. “University is what gave me the knowledge to believe I can reach any heights in my career”. Sizu Miah

30. “Be kind to people as this will put a smile on peoples face”.  Sizu Miah

31.“Travel to different parts of the world, it would increase your knowledge and teach you many things you did not know it will also show you how other people live life”. Sizu Miah

32. “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in hard word and achievements”. Sizu Miah

33. “I like tough challenges, it makes me stronger”. Sizu Miah

34. “You will never be rich from working a 9 – 5 job”. Sizu Miah

35. “You can never be a millionaire from working, even if you worked all your life”. Sizu Miah

36. “Be innovative, creative and clever”. Sizu Miah

37.“Time is the greatest commodity in the world. Nothing has a higher value then time”. Sizu Miah

38. “Look for opportunity to be successful and take calculated risk as the rewards will please you”. Sizu Miah

39. “Success is what everyone wants, but the rules for success are what most people do not follow”. Sizu Miah

40. “The five closest people you hang around with and chill with add all of their net worth up and divide it by five that is what your average net worth will be”. Sizu Miah

41. “The best time to become rich is when there is a financial market crash; take advantage of when all others are fearful”. Sizu Miah

42. “Do not follow the crowd; follow your own direction as there are no two same paths for any human being”. Sizu Miah

43. “Create quantum wealth”. Sizu Miah

44. “Do not live in regret, value every single second you life for”. Sizu Miah

45. “Give yourself plenty of rest and sleep so that you can work to the best of your ability the next day”. Sizu Miah

46. “Don’t waste money on garbage, be smart and invest so you get cash flow”. Sizu Miah

47. “Cash is not king and was never king, cash flow is king”. Sizu Miah

48. “Always plan you life and have a check list, write down everything you want to achieve in life and keep ticking it off as you go along. You can keep adding to the list as you move forward in life, It will make your life so much easier when you have a life target to achieve then to walk blindfolded”. Sizu Miah

49. “Do not compare yourself with other, rather learn the good things from others and create your own targets of success”. Sizu Miah

50. “Richness does not come from wealth; it comes from the heart, be the best version of you. Fill your heart with richness as this will be the fuel for your body to keep moving forward”. Sizu Miah

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