Coordinating, Staffing & The Recruitment Processes

Coordinating, Staffing & The Recruitment Processes

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Human resources play a key role in any organisation, whether it’s about recruiting staff or adhering to the policies of conducting yourself at work. Some of the factors that need to be considered and we will need to ask our self is , does the organisation have the right resources to manage in the business, for example, to manage work load, keep on track to make sure everything in line with objectives set up.

Recruitment plays a huge part in any business from making sure that the right candidate’s are employed with the right skills in order to carry out the job. Hiring people with great knowledge and experience can add value to the business and enhance the business. We all know how difficult it can be when we are looking for a new job or have applied to a job vacancy, we have a number of candidate’s applying for the same jobs and it all comes down to who has the most experience and knowledge in that area is fit for the role and can do the role. The is high number of people of people who apply for the same job when it comes to the recruiter looking at who is the best match for the job they will analyse the CV for all the individuals who has applied looking at who has the most skills and knowledge to fit the role and who is the best fit for the job.

Onboarding – Once a candidate is selected to work for an organisation it is very important to make sure that the background screening checks are conducted for that candidate,  the organisation will look at conducting checks such as employment, academic, basic credit and criminal checks, address verification, character reference. These basic checks will give the organisation the overall report of that candidate in terms of the previous employment, academic if they have any convictions or credit issues. Once a candidate starts work on their first day the organisation will conduct the right to work checks to make sure that the candidate has the right to work.

The key for an organisation in carry out the onboarding checks is that it will give them assurance when employing that particular candidate in obtaining all the information they need to be confident in hiring them. The checks will also identify if they have any negatives or adverse information in their background screening for example adverse credit or criminal checks. Some Organisation may conduct additional checks for example if a candidate was going in to a regulated role then that particular candidate will need to have additional checks for example check to see if they are a related person and if they have previously worked in any regulated role. When employers provide employment reference these will also need to be regulated reference as opposed to standard references.

Most companies conduct screening checks on the last 5 years for a particular candidate however that depends upon the screening structure of that company and what the client requires from the company. Clients can request the screening checks to be 10 years or even 3 years that is entirely up to the client and what they see as the best fit on their service level agreement. Cost also plays an important part in all this, the client will have a cost based on each individual onboarding checks for example there may be a different cost for permanent employee vs a temp employee or graduate employee. Different levels of screening will have different cost attached to them so it is important to see what the clients requirements are and then deliver accordingly.

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