Adam Saleh Success Story 

Adam Saleh Success Story 

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Adam Saleh Success Story 

Adam Saleh was born in Brooklyn , New York City, to Yemeni parents.  He attended Manhattan Center For Science and Mathematics High School during his first three years, but transferred to Al-Madinah School during his fourth year. It was during his fourth year that he got  expelled for hitting his dean’s computer, this was said to be his response to him being racist towards his mother. He started making YouTube videos in 2012 as a part of his YouTube channel “True Story ASA” with his high school friends Abdullah Ghuman & Sheikh Akbar.

His main career aspiration was to become a lawyer. He was an amateur boxer and was decent as he had a 13-18 record to begin but later had his fighting license revoked due to a street fight video which went   viral on World star . This had led to the en of his boxing career. He gained nationwide popularity when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show  for his dancing antics. On the day of his Ellen show appearance, he had a final test in school, but chose to go on Ellen. He later described this experience as the turning point in his career as a full-time Youtuber. Saleh became part of another collaborative channel “3MH” with Sheikh Akbar, Karim Metwaly and Slim Albaher. True Story ASA and 3MH split up in May 2015. After Truestory ASA ended, Saleh took over both the main and vlog channels and renamed them “Adam Saleh” and “Adam Saleh Vlogs”.

There was a lot of controversy about why the groups had split up, some rumors say it was between Saleh and Akbar why the problem had occurred and many of Saleh’s fans blame his manager for the split. Since then he has created many videos as a solo YouTuber. He has also appeared in the American buddy cop comedy-drama action film – American Sharia .Saleh first released the single “Diamond Girl” on May 3, 2015 featuring Sheikh Akbar and Mumzy Stranger as a part of TrueStoryASA. On August 16, 2015 he released his debut solo single “Tears” featuring Zack Knight as a tribute to his cousin and her father who was his dear uncle. Saleh’s uncle had died from a car accident just a few days before his cousin’s wedding. Saleh describes his uncle as a very happy person and was an important member of his family and when he died in such circumstances it left their family in grief. The way his uncle had died had left an emotional scar as Saleh’s has stated in the past that it was one of the reasons why he does not have a drivers license. On September 2017, Saleh released his debut album called Chapter II featuring collaborations with many artists including “Waynak”,”Tsunami”, “All About Love”, “The Motto” (with Kennyon Brown), “All You Can Handle” with Demarco, etc.

On February 18, 2018, he accepted the challenge to be KSI’s next boxing opponent. He has about 4.82 million subscribers on his Adam Saleh blog and 4.83 million on his Adam Saleh Vlogs. His number of viewers totals 262.19 million on Adam Saleh and 1.41 billion viewers on Adam Saleh Vlogs.

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