Alfred Deyes Net Worth (2021)

Alfred Deyes Net Worth (2021)

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Alfred Deyes 

Net Worth: $2 Million

Alfred Sidney Deyes was born on the 17th of September 1993. He is an English vlogger and businessman. On the 4th of  September 2014, he released his first book, The Pointless Book . Since 2014, he has released three books in the Pointless Book series and one autobiography. He has held a number of world records , including “Most bangles put on in 30 seconds by a team of two”, along with YouTubers Marcus Butler and ‘Laurbubble’ (which they still hold); and “Most party poppers popped in 30 seconds” with a count of 29, beating the previously set record by 1 (he subsequently lost this to Ashrita Furman in October 2013), and filling the most pancakes in one minute, with chocolate sauce and bananas, which was 7.Deyes was included in the 2015 Debrett’s 500 , listing the most influential people in Britain, under the New Media category. Deyes signed a book deal with Blink Publishing in 2014, with his debut book The Pointless Book due for release in September of the same year.

The book is part journal, part activity book and includes a free downloadable app and social media integration. It has been unfavourably compared to Keri Smith ‘s 2007 book Wreck -This Journal, which contained some similar ideas. Rhik Samadder, for The Guardian, stated “It’s a bit like the activity sheets given to children in museums and on planes to keep them quiet.

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