Are you broke? Try these steps in 2019 to manage your personal finance

Are you broke? Try these steps in 2019 to manage your personal finance

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Being broke is something that cannot be explained even you try a lot. Feeling of hopelessness and despair, empty bank and faltering personal finance can be fatal to your physical and mental well-being. The awkward moments of empty pockets, the struggle of being tactful to avoid any financial problem, can be depression leaving on your self-esteem. However, with the proven scientific techniques, you can still manage your finance personally to get out of this situation. Here are some tips that can bring you out of it and give you concrete financial footings.

Know the pulse of the situation; if you are broke and have low or no income, the very first thing that should come to your mind is budgeting. You have a life that needs money to be spent in order to meet your needs. Prioritize your spending first. Payment for a house rent is a must have to your life. After having shelter, food, utilities, and transportation are inevitable for you. To do all these things decide a source of income for you. You can have either a job or business to meet your needs. Try to increase your income and find other resources for you. You can be a service provider, taxi driver, or even you can earn online by selling your services or products.

 Don’t make bad choices; making a bad choice is just like buying a noose for you. Buying an expensive thing lets you become a victim of financial instability. Try to avoid making impulse online shopping to maintain your financial stability and robust savings. Living so close to your means after making an expensive purchase is just as if you are one step away from disaster. Be a close-fisted and miser person until you achieve your financial goals.

Avoid sudden disasters, to forge the bond with your finance you need to be frugal while spending money. Do not splash out your money just because your company gave you extra money in the form of a bonus on its big turn over. Spending extra while being blind from the consequences becomes a yoke around your neck. Take care of your health, as any sick leave can be a sudden disaster in not only the form of extra work from office but also the depression coming your way down the road meeting your deadlines.

Save 10 % from each paycheck, being dependent on others when your account is barren can fling vitriol on you. Solve the conundrum of empty and pathetic pockets by filling up your saving account. You should believe that no amount is small enough not to be a part of your piggy bank. Make a habit of saving even if it is a dollar per day. Avoid eating out, as it is an easy trap to be plunged into. Small saving regimes can give you extra benefits after a month or a year.

 Honesty is the best policy, Monitor each of your pennies pathologically. Keeping an eye on your spending is the biggest key to your personal finance management. You must have a closer look at your spending and write it in a journal. Track it every day and you will catch many sinkholes where your money is going down the drain. Once you track your expenditures, you can decide where small cutoffs can bring a vivid increase in your savings and maybe you stop buying another cup of coffee or a car wash facility or a monthly clothing purchase.

Last but not the least: challenge yourself; your saving will be a big reward for you at the end of “no buy” month or year. Snowball effect brings you the fruit of your patience when you stop spending for your wants and spend wisely for your needs. There is a big difference between looking financially cherished and actually being stable in terms of your finance. Whatever you make or waste is the compound effect of choices you make.

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