Bhuvan Bam Success Story

Bhuvan Bam Success Story

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Bhuvan Bam Success Story 

Bhuvan Bam is an Indian YouTuber, comedian, actor, singer, songwriter, and writer who is known for his YouTube channel ‘BB Ki Vines’. His family shifted to Delhi when he was still a child. Bhuvan developed an interest in music after he cleared his class 12, and he wanted to become a musician. However, his parents didn’t approved of his idea of becoming a musician.


He learnt classical singing when he was in college. Subsequently, he started working as a singer at a local restaurant in Delhi. Gradually, he started composing music and playing the musical instrument. Four years ago, Bhuvan Bam was a college kid who had a night job as a singer at a Mughlai restaurant in Delhi. Today, he is India’s first legit YouTube superstar helped by sheer luck, “and also a lot of hard work!” His channel BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam Ki Vines), started in 2015 and has 1.69 billion views and 13.3 million subscribers as compared to his closest competition, Amit Bhadana’s channel which has 945 million views and 14.4 million subscribers. The Facebook page of BB Ki Vines has nine to 10 million unique page views a week.


Compared to his YouTube competitors, Bhuvan has diversified his content. Apart from doing funny videos, he is also establishing himself as a singer, actor and an interviewer. He had recently collaborated with international YouTube star Lilly Singh . He acted in a short film with Divya Dutta called Plus Minus last year, and recently bagged a Filmfare award for the same.


The start of BB Ki Vines was an instinctive reaction, not a planned one. “I was watching the devastations of the Kashmir floods, and a reporter was asking a local, who had just lost her house and her son, how she was feeling. I was stunned at the insensitivity. I did a 10-15 second satire on it and put it up on Facebook,” Bhuvan says of the popular, but now deleted, video.


“It was just supposed to be a one-off, but I thought of doing a few more. I always had funny stories to tell, but my family members never laughed at them. So I decided to go to a different, unsuspecting audience!” he laughs.“ At that time, Vine was a very popular video hosting service that allowed you to post and share six-second long videos, hence the vlog name. I thought maybe I will change the name later, but it became a hit and the name stuck!” he reveals.

. From college WhatsApp groups, my videos travelled to other colleges, and I don’t know how. I suddenly became very popular in Karachi University! My videos went viral in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but, funnily enough, not in India. India took a lot of time to warm up to my videos!” he says.


Six months later, Bhuvan’s page hit 50,000 followers, and a friend suggested that he shift to YouTube to earn from the videos. Once on YouTube, the channel became popular in India as well, earning him one million subscribers within seven months. This milestone continues to be Bhuvan’s most special one. The first video that went viral with an Indian audience was Valentine’s Week Hutiyapa in 2016. “Before me, nobody was making two to three-minute videos in Hindi,” says Bhuvan. “People could relate to my Delhi accent and the youth found an instant connection with my content. That’s what made it successful.”

It takes Bhuvan about four hours to shoot a seven-minute video, which he edits and uploads the same day.

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