Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth (2021)

Duncan Bannatyne Net Worth (2021)

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Duncan Bannatyne 

Net Worth: $645 Million

Duncan Bannatyne is a serial entrepreneur, he was Born in 1949, Duncan, one of seven children; he grew up in Clydebank, Glasgow. Duncan had a tough life growing up and faced many challenges that he overcame with strength, hard work and self belief. At a young age he joined the Navy and wanted to progress himself, very soon he found himself in trouble and was dismissed from the Navy; Duncan at a young age had no qualifications and did not have experience to get a good job. The only qualification Duncan had to work for himself, he believed no one can stop him from doing that and he had self control with no limits.


Duncan at the age of 30 was working in a bakery store earning little money which he saved up to buy a van on day at the auction, he then transformed this in to an ice cream van obtaining the licence for selling ice cream. , Duncan soon expanded his Ice cream business and bought more vans increasing his profits. After a few years due to competition with other ice cream vans Duncan decided to sell off he sold off his ice cream business and remortgaged his house and started looking in to the care home industry, Duncan knew that there was money to be made there so he started his first nursing home.


He built a care home with thirty rooms fully functional for the elderly, he went back to the bank manager and asked for an additional loan, by this time he had thirty rooms, thirty people inside and money was coming in. The bank manager agreed to borrow Duncan the money he needed, Duncan remortgaged his nursing home and started building another one, in 3 years he built nine.  He then sold of his nursing homes for £46 million investing this money in to a healthcare chain ‘Bannatyne’s Health Club’.

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