How To Become an Entrepreneur (Creative Thinking – Knowledge Is Strength)

How To Become an Entrepreneur (Creative Thinking – Knowledge Is Strength)

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Entrepreneurs are successful people who have started their business from scratch and most have turned their businesses into Multi-million-pound company.

Below are 10 tips of becoming an Entrepreneur.

  • Creative mind
  • Innovative and having new ideas
  • Motivated
  • Believing in your self
  • Being confident and a risk taker
  • Being Honest & Trustworthy
  • Develop multi-task skills
  • Stick with your gut instinct
  • Being Positive and Assertive
  • Being strong minded

Creative thinking is the key to success, millionaires and billionaires were not born rich most of them build their business from scratch, it could be from a creative small idea which expanded over time to create a large scale business and go into global markets. Below we will look at examples of how certain products, brands and services have dominated the market over time and in some cases have acted as monopolies over its competitors.

We live in a world where creativity is increasing, new ideas and methods and Innovation are continually growing. Behind every success, there is a story and that story began as an idea. If we look at an example  of designer brands, we can see that many designed brands have developed into big businesses that continue to grow whether its designers using their own name as a brand and promoting that or using  another name which they will market well and bring to our attention that it’s worth having and paying for with the right type of marketing and advertising these brands then become the biggest names
and a need starts to develop for having those brands.

If we look at another example of businesses where a small idea for starting up has developed into Giant companies which turn over millions per year. The majority of large supermarkets that we see on our high streets were once market stores selling goods from the table which then developed into small outlet shops which then became more and more profitable expanding into new geographical areas and large outlet stores, to now becoming the Giant companies that we go to for all our needs and wants.

The world of motor industry is also changing dramatically if we look at the new cars each year that is manufactured and tested before development into the marketplace, we can see that the designs, colour, features, technology in new cars have been taken to another level. With more creative ideas coming in and the capacity to build fast and more compact design, new software technologies all come together to create the next best model of cars, behind every new car new design new features there has been a
creative idea this may have started off on paper as an idea to testing the idea, through to prototype models and the final testing and development will take place before it is launched into the market for customers to purchase.

So we have learnt that what we see in daily life from new cars with new designs, brands to big business which are the one stop for all our needs and wants all started up with a creative idea that developed over time in terms of trials, prototype, design specification, testing, software technological developments, innovation these all had once a start point which expanded rapidly in creating a world that we live in now. It is the ideas and innovations that has evolved over time and the developments of new products with the advance technology behind the creativity was once an idea which has been produced, it is from one idea that we develop another and this is a continuous process that has been going on. We call this ‘learning and development’.

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