How To Get Employed

How To Get Employed

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This is the question a lot of people have In their mind, how do I get employed, there are a few quick points that may help you find the answer. Many employers will search for the candidate’s who best fit the role and have the right experience, some may decide and base it to previous experience, education and whether they can train you to fit into that particular role.

The key to the first step is to have a good CV that employers can see to make that decision, please refer to the topic ‘how to build your CV’ to get some ideas. The next step is preparing for your interview make sure that you do your research on the company you have applied to so that you may know the million dollar question in the interview ‘what do you know about our company’ other questions to prepare on may include ‘ tell me about yourself and about your experiences with previous employer’ you may also be asked about your previous experiences and how they relate to the job you have applied for therefore do the best in preparing for interview questions, some of the above points may help you or give you an idea.

The next step is to make sure you deliver throughout the interview and any follow-up interviews you may get by researching on the role, recapping on what you have done in your previous jobs and making yourself confident. There will be other candidates selected for the same job who will also have interviews but it is you who will need to stand out to be selected for the job.

Building your CV to a high specification requires time, effort and skills.  Having a great CV is the key to the first steps of getting selected in the recruitment process for a particular job. Majority of jobs now require candidates to submit their CV when applying for jobs, therefore it is crucial to get it right and be the one selected to get your first step on to the job market.

We all have a CV for when we apply for jobs however the question is how well is it structured what type of information do we put on our CV, what are employers looking for in a CV, these are the type of questions we need to ask our self. When constructing our CV we must make sure that we have the key title on our CV to make it stand out to employers who will view them and read them, we must make sure that we list our experiences in detail and our academics and qualifications so that the employer may at a glance get an idea to who we are, what experiences we have and are we the right candidate for the job. Highlight your skills on your CV make sure that your bullet point them if there are many. The structure is very important therefore have different sections detailing each category, for example, list your employment, academic, professional qualification, skills in different sections, interest and hobbies. Make sure that you have the correct spelling and punctuation in place. All these points will help you
build a good CV which employers will be interested in when selecting candidates for the job. Employers are interested in a good CV as this will give them an indication of who to interview in the first instance, the interview will then determine who they are looking for and what skills they are looking for depending upon the job that they are recruiting for. It is very important for a candidate to get this right the first time.

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