Luccas Neto Success Story 

Luccas Neto Success Story 

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Luccas Neto Success Story 

Luccas Neto Ferreira was born on February 8, 1992. He is a Brazilian actor and comedian currently based in Rio de Janeiro. He is the fourth most popular Brazilian YouTuber in the world, only behind his brother, Felipe Neto. Luccas began his career in a network agency and later created his own YouTube channel in 2014, but started to actively invest in the platform in 2016. In 2017, Luccas invested in children’s content, testing various video formats, which made it prominent in Brazilian social media. In 2018, he professionalized his channel by hiring a team of professionals from different areas, such as psychologists, pedagogues, and psycho-pedagogues, who supervise and approve the contents. He was also the most watched in a single month in Brazil in 2018, gaining 310 million views, surpassing his brother Felipe, holder of the previous record of 256 million. In terms of new subscribers, in May 2018 was the vlogger who won the most fans in 30 days, registering 1.35 million followers. In June 2018, Luccas led the world ranking with 400 million views, ahead of PewDiePie and brothers Logan and Jake Paul.


On June 15th, he published his first book, “As Aventuras Na Netoland Com Luccas Neto”, which translates to: “The Adventures In Netoland With Luccas Neto”. The book’s launching is the first book for the Brazilian market to break the historical pre-sale records since the Harry Potter saga. He sold 54,000 books, compared with 46,000 books sold by JK Rowlings. He has currently established over 30 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel, which aims towards a family demographic. Since November 2017, he occupies the position of the most watched YouTuber in Brazil, because he  reaches the mark of 356 million views per month. Per year, it grows on average 196%, while per day, it reaches the mark of 14.1 million views. Along with Joao Pedro Paes Leme, journalist and former Executive Director of TV Globo, his brother Felipe Neto and Cassiano Scarambone, he is a member of Take4 Content. It is a company specialized in digital content curation. In March 2018, Luccas Neto launched his line of toys, whose first article was a doll. That same year more than 240,000 articles were sold.


2018 was a good year for Luccas. This was the year he hosted the “Netoland” tour, where Luccas Neto was assisted by over 200,000 people across the country. There were 93 sessions in total, 75 of which were exhausted. Only in Jeunesse Arena, a venue located in Rio de Janeiro, the audience reached 12 thousand viewers. In 2019, the videos of the channel LUCCAS NETO – MONDAY have gained indicative rating, self-classified as “suitable for all audiences”. In April 22, 2019, Luccas published his second book under the title “Brincando Com Luccas Neto”, which translates to: “Playing With Luccas Neto”. As at September 3 2020,he has a total of 13billion views and 32million subscribers. His success story shows his diligent attribute to the world which has made him known worldwide.

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