Managing Stress In The Work Place & Equality Pay

Managing Stress In The Work Place & Equality Pay

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Managing stress in the work place could be a challenging task in terms of keeping your self-going, there are several ways to manage yourself and to keep yourself upright.

Many organisation now have procedures in place to cope with the stress levels. Stress can come from the environment you are working in, the work you are doing, the people you are working with, working hours, working conditions can all be aspects that can lead to work stress. How do we overcome stress at work, science has recently proved that work stress can be reduced by 60% if the following action is taken. These action include taking breaks from your work desk, working in a quit environment in terms of having less noise around you, exercising regularly this could be from taken a long walk to ding few stretches which will release the tension built up in the muscles in the body, have fresh air coming in to the area you are working in. All of these factors can help reduce the stress in the work place and help you to manage stress. Time management is also important in managing stress in terms of making sure that you have the right amount of time to do your work, sometimes when we are given less time to complete a certain task or activity it may override our mind in to thinking that we cannot get the work done, rushing through the work can cause mistakes which can then have an impact on you. Therefore, it is essential to have yourself coordinated and have a plan to how you will deal with things. Many people experience stress not just in the work place but also out of work in their daily life so therefore the above points can also help out of work as well as in work. The less stress we see our self in the more we can focus on the task in hand and make sure that we can do our best and also perform well. Research shows that when an individual is less stress they tend to perform better and also concentrate.

Equal pay for both men and women is a topic that has been talked about for a very long time. Most organisations are now reviewing the pay gap between men and women to make sure that the balance of pay is correct. We can see from past results published on pay review articles that on average the pay for men has always been higher than women. Recent research shows that the balance is however equalizing giving a fair balance of pay. There has been debates on the news and on other social media regarding the
equal pay gap and what was being done by organisations to make sure that this was not shifting one sided, to have more room for equality and fairness.

Following the debates most companies now operate on a fair basis when it comes to pay, especially for job roles which are similar, however the pay for men and women may be different for many organisations who will not look at this issue. When we look in this subject area on a global scale we can see that in many countries the structure of pay will not change for both men and women this may be subject to the law not being passed for this process of being equal it may also be subject to organisations not agreeing upon the policies of having fair pay and as a result may adopt to their own pay strategies and own policies which may be governed by their pay budget and affordability.

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