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Oxford University

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Oxford University is one of the best universities in the world, however it is also one of the oldest universities in the world, it is a unique and historical institution. It is unknown when the university was built however by looking at the architecture of the building it is known to be dated. In the university teaching be present in some method in 1096 and advanced quickly from 1167 since Henry II forbidden English students from attending the University of Paris. The university is ranked as one of the top ten universities among the world and is ranked first globally by the times Higher Education World University Rankings as of 2019. Oxford is one of the best universities it has educated numerous  significant alumni, including 27 prime ministers of the united kingdom and many heads of state and government around the world. 69 Noble Prize winners ,6 turning award winners and 3 Fields medallists have studied, worked or held visiting fellowships at the university of Oxford. 160 Olympic medals have won by the alumni of Oxford University. It is one of the best university of the planet. This is truly a story of its own when you see great people who have become world leaders and inspirational to have attended this university.

England now has one of the best higher education system in the world. Oxford is the home of numerous scholarships such as Rhodes scholarship, it is one of the oldest international graduate scholarship. It helps many students to complete their graduation and provides them with the help they require to fund their education. If we had to list every famous person from Oxford, it’d be a list as long as a complete 10 volume dictionary we can imagine what that would look like.  Many people dream to go to Oxford university and every year thousands of applications are rejected as many students do not meet the requirements to get enrolled. There are scientists, politicians, authors, actors, comedians, and more. As a member of the university, all students, and most academic staff, also be a member of a college or hall. There are 38 colleges of the University of Oxford and six Permanent Private Halls, every controlling its membership and with its own interior form and deeds. All colleges are not offer all courses, but they generally cover a broad range of subjects, 1000 courses are runs over per year in several Department of Oxford university, it is also offered on a part-time source which is truly remarkable.

There are many programs in Oxford including awards and degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level, they are designed to perfectly match what students are looking for as well as online short courses, weekly classes, day and weekend events, continuing professional development and summer schools. More than 50 students of Oxford diplomas: records, diplomas, progressive diplomas, offered part-time, in the arts, social sciences, diplomatic studies, human rights law, Master’s and Doctoral degrees, health care and biomedical sciences. Most of them recruit internationally. The duration of Course has its own structure and ranges from one year to several years part-time. The Department also runs a Graduate School to provide the support and guidance needed by those following part-time graduate programmers. Every year over 20,000 registrations on courses open by the Department for Ongoing Education, creating Oxford University one of the biggest providers of ongoing education in the UK. Oxford’s Department for Current Education is also one of the ancient providers of part-time grownup education, having been originated in 1878 at the front of the University Extension movement. So people should study in the Oxford University for building a bright future.

The university also gives facilities for the postgraduate students. They have access to the library, common-room, bar, dining-room, computer resource room, and the Graduate School room with study space, printing facilities, lockers and refreshments. Within the wider University, students are able to use Facilities at the Bodleian Libraries University Club Middle Common Room in individual colleges further information can be found on the oxford university. Every student must have the desire to read at Oxford which is No.1 University because in this university the teaching, research and learning resources are exceptional.

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