Robotics – The Trading System

Robotics – The Trading System

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Robotics is the new mechanism for working in the modern environment. Robotics is now used by many companies to carry out work in a more efficient and organised way. We will below look into how robotics is used in the trading systems that many companies now use.

Trading systems uses an algorithm to process information, so whether you are putting a ‘put’ option or a ‘call’ option on the amount you wish to invest, it is the robotics that controls the leverage and money that is in that deal. Let us look at an example we can use to understand this, if there were 10 people in one investment bid and a company also was involved in that bid, let us say 10 people put £100 pounds each which equals £1000 in favour of call option and the company recognizes the trend to be going up then the company puts £2000 in favour of a put option to drive the algorithm line in a downward trend to win the bid, this will make them £1000 profit. Robotic helps the movement of the estimated moving average line as well and the coordination of the algorithm.

 IT has evolved over the years from new system developments to having access to creating systems that match the need of business and individuals. Technical queries that many organisation now have are run by IT tech centres who can now manage queries and technical faults in your computer systems.

Many organisations now have an IT development team that has a ticket based system for tracking and dealing with faults reported with the business. The world of IT has grown in the last 10 years making it easy for the engineers to help fix problems without the need to be on your computer, the technology of requesting access of your computer and resolving any issue is continuing to develop with new technology making advance ways of working.

The world of IT has advanced in many countries around the world as we know most large organisations are now outsourcing their IT overseas in order to save cost. We now know that in some countries IT has had a significant impact in terms of development and how it has helped the large organisation continue to grow their business. The cost factor also needs to be considered in terms of technological developments having cost attached, the more research and development that goes in to IT for an organisation the more the cost will be. Therefore it is essential that the companies have a budget when it comes to technological development and research.

Ecommerce is changing the world and will continue; as technology in the world is developing at an alarming speed the need for technology is following. With more technological products being developed in the marketplace which enables internet access, the more people are visiting the worldwide web and using this as a mean of advertising, selling products, marketing their product, finding new innovation in planning and coordinating.

The web provides us with access to anything we require from buying products to having the answers to any questions to research and also socialising. Ecommerce has made it easy for people to now shop online with a click of a button, many companies now advertise on the net making it easy for a large number of customers to view their adverts.

As technology develops the future becomes clear that we live in a world where everything is changing fast from purchasing products to paying your bills, to not having to step out of your house to do the necessary things, now is made easier for you to do this with a computer in front of you or a device that has access to the world wide web.

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