Sir Philip Green Success Story

Sir Philip Green Success Story

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Sir Philip Green is one of Britain’s richest man, born on 15 March 1952 in Croydon, he was born in to a middle class Jewish family. Philip Green’s father was a very rich man running a multi-million pound business, at the age of twelve his father died from a heart attack and Green inherited the family business. He use to attend boarding school however at the age of fifteen after he left the school he worked for a shoe importer before deciding to travel to the US and Europe. There was a time when Philip Green tried to take over Marks and Spencer however that has failed. He also sold BHS retail chain in March 2015 for £1, after it went in to administration and was worth nothing leaving a £571 million hole in its pension fund; however that did not stop Green from moving on and continuing his success.

Philip Green is now worth an estimated net worth of $4.9 billion, he is one of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs, he is a British billionaire business man and the chairman of Arcadia Group a giant retail company that includes Top Shop, Top Man, Evans, Burtons, Wallis, Miss Selfridges, Dorothy Perkins and Outfits. Previously the BHS chain was also part of this group. He has dominated the retail sector with high top street brand and outlets. Green owns and enjoys other luxury assets during his spear time such as his £100 million Yacht, £20 million private jet, he truly does live the life in style. He has luxury properties all over the world from London to France to Monaco. Sir Philip Green is the king of the high streets, with a business empire bringing in billions of pounds he is a true inspiration to millions around the world. His hard work to develop those retails companies in to what they are doing now has truly been a lot of hard work, motivation, self belief and determination. He has always expanded his businesses and in doing so has achieved success. He is a mentor to many people who follow in his footsteps to achieving success and become a rich business man.

Sir Philip Green is involved in many charity works where he has supported a lot of people who have been in need of support from poverty and has set up charities to continue his support, his charity work has been a true inspiration to all those people he has helped from poverty and less privileged backgrounds. In 2010 Green donated $465,000 for new equipment at the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital showing his support for people who suffered from cancer. His help and support has given people all over the world hope and a future his large donations has helped numerous charities and projects who required the funding to provide food and shelter for those in need. Green has certainty transformed the retail sector and our high streets with his number of outlets and designer brands, his vast wealth has continued over decades increasing, he has continued his success from an early age and his self belief has given him the ability to grow from almost having nothing to now one of Britain’s riches man. His hard work and innovation has truly helped him become a global success and his work is a true inspiration to many. His failures did not stop him from doing what he does best which is business and every time he experienced failure he got back up and tried harder to achieve his aims and objectives and to accomplish them, he never gave up and that was his way to success. Today his empire is expanding rapidly with new retails outlets all over the country and his retail stores dominating the high street.

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