Sourcing The Right Candidate

Sourcing The Right Candidate

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In recruitment, it is important for a recruiter to source the right candidate for the job. There are various tools a recruiter can use to source candidates for example (social media) like Linked In or the job board. The recruiter can also source out candidates through referrals from other people or via the Internet job post.

Companies spend a lot of money on trying to get the right candidate through the door for the job role they are advertising this could involve making sure that the candidate selected meets the requirements of the role  advertised in terms of experience and academic qualification. Some roles may require candidates to have a specific professional qualification, for example, ACCA, CIMA or CIB.

It is therefore important to ensure that a recruiter has selected the right candidate for the role they are advertising when trying to source the candidate from various sources whether it’s internal or external. The business will also benefit from having the right candidate onboard to do the job.

 There are many ways an employer can find you through recruitment website, linked in, through advertisement companies and other sources. It is important when looking for work to sign up with as many employment agencies as possible to expand your chances of being found, therefore you can join these recruitment sites online, you can also go for interview to various agencies to register yourself for work, also build your profile on linked in so that employers can find you.

Many recruiters now search for the right candidate through internet search engines, therefore creating your presence on these recruitment websites by registering with them will create awareness and give you more chances to be recognized by employers and selected.

Building links with other people and networking will also enhance your chances of being found by employers. The recruitment sector is growing day by day so is the need for finding the right candidate and more companies are now sourcing candidates from various networks.

Teamwork is very important to any organisation in terms of working together to achieve an objective. Many organisations have aims and objectives not only set for individuals but also for teams to achieve. Having good team working skills is a great skill to have for example when applying for a job or expressing yourself in an interview with an employer. Teamwork is the key to getting a group of people to work on a set task or several tasks but having the same objectives in mind to achieve. Many organisation succeed because they have great teamwork amongst their employees and this is shown on performance reviews and team performance reviews whether its conducted monthly or yearly depending upon the organisation.

As an individual working in any organisation requires you to be honest and trustworthy, it is very important to not only be honest and trustworthy at work but also in your daily life. Honesty and being trustworthy is the key to success for example if you have made a mistake at work and you know its happened its best to put to your hand up to it and take the responsibility of owning up to it, this is a way a human being can learn from its mistakes and ensure that the same mistakes do not occur again.

Having said the above if for example you do make a mistake at work which you do not own up to their could be serious consequences based upon what is effected for example this could be a breach of data or clearly a miscalculation error so whatever it may be if we are not honest with our self in owning up to the problem then we as individuals will not learn from it, also we cannot, therefore, be an honest person. It is important to note we are not born as honest people rather than it is something we learn and develop in keeping our self open and honest as we go on in life.

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