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Stanford University

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Stanford University is a private university of research in Stanford, California. Stanford is famous all over the world. Stanford University is ranking as one of the world’s top university. This University was built in 1885.In remembrance of their single child Leland Stanford Jr. Leland and Jane Stanford was founded the university. At the age of 15 Leland Stanford Jr.had died of typhoid fever the years before of the founded of the university.The founder of the university was Stanford who was a Senator of US and the former the governor of California. In the early days of his life he is a railroad tycoon.

The university started on October, 1891. At the time of beginning it had coeducation and non –denominational division.Stanford University is a large university among the most known university of the world which deals with 40 departments of several courses. Every departments have the students of undergraduate and graduate level. There are 4 professional schools in the university which deals with graduate programs in business, Education, law and medicine. In the Stanford university the rate of undergraduate program acceptance is very high than any other university in UK. Jane and Leland Stanford tried to make their university as a great university of eastern counters.

It is considered that Stanford University is next to the university of Cornell and Harvard University. The educational central campus is situated nearby Paolo Alto, fenced by El Camino Real, Stanford Avenue, Juniper Sarala Boulevard and Sand Hill Road. The entire campus T650 acres range.

The Stanford University is popular for its major courses such as computer and information sciences, Engineering, Multi studies, support services, biological sciences and social Services. In the Stanford University students satisfaction rate is 98%.This percent is consistently high. It indicates the high quality of teaching which is the most important of an educational academy. Stanford has a pre-business organisation and Stanford solar car project.

In the university the number of undergraduate students are 7,062.The university has a large campus and the total range of campus is 8,180 acres. In Stanford University, there is a quarter based educational calendar which extends the capacity of learning. Stanford University is one of the best colleges according to the ranking of the National universities.

The university has a great number of groups such as theatrical and musical, society of Rams Head Theatrical Society and Cappella Group. Many famous person studied and worked Stanford University. Most known of them President Herbert Hoover who is the former president of U.S, John Elway, actress Golfer Tiger Woods and Sigourney Weaver.

Stanford University is definitely one of the educational institutions in the world but it gives enough space to the students for enjoying themselves. They are making fun in the time out of their classes. There is a lovely relationship between upper class men and new fresher.The university campus is the most beautiful than any other universities and the weather is very good. World’s best professors are available in Stanford university, it is as like as their home. They teach the students with best educational area of subject. Many people got Nobel Prize on different faculties whom were the students of Stanford University.

Stanford University provided many facilities for student. It gives scholarship to the poor students for the purpose of getting involved more students in their academic programs. The students and staff are of many different religion in the university. The students of the university organised several club to lead a glorious career. After graduation the students become more successful in their professional life. Stanford University is a non-profit educational institution. That is why it is one of the most famous and well known university in the world.

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