Terence Crawford VS Amir Khan: Hard Work Pays Off

Terence Crawford VS Amir Khan: Hard Work Pays Off

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Amir Iqbal Khan is a British professional boxer. He is a former unified light-welterweight world champion, having held the WBA title from 2009 to 2012, and the IBF title in 2011. At regional level, he held the Commonwealth lightweight title from 2007 to 2008.

Amir Khan (Boxer) is a house hold name for millions around the world who have watched him from the start of his career building himself to becoming the Olympic silver medallist.  He has faced challenges on every step which has encouraged him to go further and develop himself. With the support of his family and friends Amir was inspired to show the world what he was made of. His continuous fights have gone on to make millions of pounds for him. He soon realised that the market in America needed to be broken in to and that is were the big fights were and big fights will bring in big money.

Terence Allan Crawford is an American professional boxer. He has held multiple world championships in three weight classes, including the WBO welterweight title since 2018; previously he held the WBO. Terence is undefeated in 34 fights and holds the WBO belt. He is one of the best pound for pound fighters that Amir will face on 20th April 2019. Both boxers have the skill the attributes, the strengths, the courage and the speed to go at each other, but many believe that Amir’s experience will favour him on the night and will put him ahead.

We must not underestimate the punching power of Terence Crawford and be mindful that he is one of the hard punching welterweight. What ever the outcome what we understand from this fight is that one man will walk away with the WBO belt and that will be due to all the hours of hard work, training, preparation and dedication which they have put in over the weeks counting down to the super fight will pay off and the winner will in the spotlight to face up against the likes of the other champions in the division such as Errol Spence the IBF champion, he held the IBF welterweight title since 2017.

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