Top 20 Biggest Banks In The world

Top 20 Biggest Banks In The world

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  1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Net Worth: $4009 billion

Industrial and commercial Bank of China is the largest and richest bank in the world.It is a part of the “BIG FOUR” of fiscal controls of the Heavenly Empire. It controls almost 1/5 part of all banking in China It has $4 009 billion total, and its market capitalization totals $238 billion.The Bank was founded in 1984 and now has more than 460.000 employees.It’s headquarter is located in Peking. More than 70% of the corporation is the government’s property.



  1. China Construction Bank Corporation

Net Worth: $3400 billion

China Construction bank of china founded in 1954 and now called “China Construction Bank”. As a report, it obtains $3 400 billion assets and its market capitalization totals more than $200 billion.Originally, CCB was created for government exchanges, and later, it was redeveloped into the commercial one.The company includes more than 14 thousand departments all around the globe where 372.000 employees work.



  1. Agricultural Bank of China

Net Worth: $3235 billion

Agriculture Bank of China was founded in 1951 by Mao Zedong to help collective farms, farmers and workers.Currently, this bank entrenched inside fiscal and commercial corporations of China and the whole world.The headquarter is also located in Peking, and has near 24.000 representatives in the country and abroad.Total assets of Agricultural Bank of China collects more than $3 235 billion and its market capitalization makes $190 billion.




  1. Bank of China ltd

Net Worth: $2780 billion

Bank of China is one of the oldest and most reliable banks in China. It was created in 1912 and still leads the inside banking sector.More than 70% of the company belongs to China Government, and it has branches in more than 20 countries abroad.According the data, its assets collect near $2 991 billion and its market capitalization makes $162 billion.



  1. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Net Worth: $2991 billion

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has $2.7 trillion as assets what makes it one of the “best” banks in Japan. Developed department network all around the world allows MUFG to perform in 40 different countries.The company was created in 2005 on the merge of two largest banks of Japan, and its headquarter is in Osaka City.



  1. JP Morgan Chase

Net Worth: $2533 billion

JP Morgan Chase is an American multinational investment bank and financial services. J.P.Morgan is one  of the most emerging and popular US bank in the financial sector.This company was founded in 2000, by merging several banks. JP Morgan Chase HQ is located in New York City. It is one of the largest investment companies in the world. Now its assets total $2 533 billion. JP Morgan market capitalization is over $33224 billion.




  1. HSBC Holdings plc

Net Worth: $2520 billion

London HSBC is one the biggest banks in Europe, totaling $25 trillion in its assets. The purpose of its creation was to perform exchanges between Europe and China, and it still stays crucial in such actions.It also has more than 10 subsidiaries which perform all possible operations inside this sector.




  1. BNP Paribas

Net Worth: $2357 billion

BNP Paribas is a French international banking group. Currently, BNP Paribas operates in 77 countries throughout the world. It was formed through the merger of Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas in 2000. The company has representatives all around the globe and its headquarters are located in Geneva, Paris and London. Its assets compounds are $2 357 billion and having $73 billion of market capitalization.




  1. Bank of America (BoA)

Net Worth: $2281 billion

Bank of America is the second biggest and richest bank of USA, which has an extensive range of fiscal services in the whole world. BoA’s headquarter is located in Charlotte City, North Carolina. According to a report, BoA has $2 281 billion assets and its market capitalization sustains $163 billion.



  1. CréditAgricole

Net Worth: $2117 billion

Credit Agricoleis one of the world’s largest cooperative financial institution. It consists of a network of Crédit Agricole local banks, the 39 Crédit Agricole regional banks and a central institute Crédit Agricole S.A. In 1990, it became an international full-service banking group and is listed through Crédit Agricole S.A. an intermediate holding company. It has a balance of $2 117 billion in assets.




  1. Wells Fargo

Net Worth: $1951 billion

Wells Fargo bank is an American multinational financial services company headquartered in San Francisco, with central offices throughout the United States. The company operates 12 museums, most known as a Wells Fargo History Museums.  On March 18, 1852 it was founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo. Currently, Berkshire Hathaway is largest shareholder with 10% of share.



  1. Japan Post Bank

Net Worth: $1874 billion

Japan Post Bank is a Japanese bank headquartered in Tokyo. It is part of the Japan Post Holdings group. As of November 2008, it was reported as being the world’s biggest deposit holder. It is one of only two banks to have branches in every prefecture in Japan, the other being Mizuho Bank. It is government owned bank and founded in September 2006. Currently, Koji Furukawa is CEO and Syokichi Takagi is president of Japan Post Bank. as are report on March 31, 2016 JPB  has total equity of 9.8 trillion.



  1. Citigroup

Net Worth: $1842 billion

Citigroup is an American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation headquartered in New York City. The company was formed by the merger of banking giant Citicorp and financial conglomerate Travelers Group in 1998. Citigroup has over 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries. It has 214,000 employees, although it had 357,000 employees before the financial crisis of 2007-2008.



  1. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group

Net Worth: $1775 billion

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group is a Japanese bank holding / financial services company established by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, the second largest bank in Japan by market value. SMFG reached an agreement in June 2004 to form a strategic alliance with Promise Co., Ltd. on consumer finance business. The two firms started collaborative business in April 2005.



  1. Deutsche Bank

Net Worth:$1765 billion

Deutsche Bank is a German multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.The bank is operational in 58 countries with a large presence in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin in 1870 as a specialist bank for financing foreign trade and promoting German exports.



  1. Banko Santander

Net Worth: $1736 billion

Banco Santander is a Spanish multinational commercial bank and financial services company founded and based in Santander, Spain. Santander maintains a presence in all global financial centres as the largest Spanish banking institution in the world. Although known for its European banking operations, it has extended operations across North and South America, and more recently in continental Asia. Banco Santander was founded in 1857 and merged with Banco Central Hispano in 1999.




  1. Mizuho Financial Group

Net Worth: $1715 billion

Mizuho Financial Group is a banking holding company headquartered in the ŌtemachiTokyo, Japan. The name “mizuho” literally means “abundant rice” in Japanese sense. Upon its founding, it was the largestbank in the world by assets. Mizuho was established originally as Mizuho Holdings by the merger of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Fuji Bank, and the Industrial Bank of Japan in 2000.




  1. Barclays Plc

Net Worth: $1532 billion

Barclays is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company, headquartered in London. The bank is organised into four core businesses: personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management, and investment management. Barclays traces its origins to a goldsmith banking business established in the City of London in 1690.



  1. Societe Generale

Net Worth: $1531 billion

Société Générale is a French multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Paris, France. The company is a universal bank and has divisions supporting French Networks, Global Transaction Banking and International Retail Banking. Société Générale is one of the oldest banks in France, which is Founded in 1864, its original name is General Company to Support the Development of Commerce and Industry in France.




  1. Groupe BPCE

Net Worth: $1512 billion

Groupe BPCE is a French banking group, formed by the 2009 merger of CNC and BFBP has more than 8,200 branches nationwide under their respective brand names serving nearly 40 million customers. Through its subsidiaries , it provides banking, financial, and real estate financing services to individuals, professionals, small and medium enterprises, large enterprises, and institutions in France and internationally. In July 2016, the group announced the purchase of Fidor Bank, a Fintech challenger bank, operating in the UK and Germany. Currently,  François Pérolis CEO of Groupe BPCE.

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