Top 20 Richest People In China

Top 20 Richest People In China

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  1. Ma Huateng

Net Worth: $40.8 Billion

Ma Huateng is a Chinese businessman, investor, donor, engineer, and technology entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Tencent, most valuable company in Asia. Huateng is second richest person of Asia. In china, due to his charity donation he is known as ‘Pony Ma’. Hauteng is wealthiest person of china.



  1. HuiKa Yan

Net Worth: $40.5 Billion

HuiKa Yan is a Chinese business tycoon, real estate developer and present chairman of China Evergrande Group. In 2018, he was awarded as the largest real estate developer. Hui is second most wealthiest person of china. He was graduated from Wuhan University of Science and 2018 Hui’s annual income is $2 billion.



3. Jack Ma

Net Worth: $38.5 Billion

Jack Ma is a Chinese billionaire businessman and co-founder of Alibaba Group, multinational tech companies. Jack was rejected from KFC when it was first lunched in china. Jack attain Hangzhou Normal University for his graduation in B.A. English. After graduation, he was appointed as lecturer in English and International Trade at Hangzhou Dianzi University.




4. Robin Li

 Net Worth: $14.7 billion

Robin Li is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur, co-founder of the search engine Baidu.  He is one of the richest people in China. Li studied information management at Peking University and computer science at the State University of New York at Buffalo. In 2000 he founded Baidu with Eric Xu. Li has been CEO of Baidu since January 2004. On August 29, 2014, Robin Li was appointed by the United Nations Secretary General.





  1. Li Hejun

 Net Worth:  $13 billion

Li Hejun is a Chinese entrepreneur and billionaire, and the chairman of Hanergy. Li earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University in 1988. According to Forbes, Li had net worth of $10.3 billion in March 2014.



  1. Zong Qinghou

Net Worth: $11 billion

Zong Qinghou is a Chinese billionaire businessman, and the founder, chairman and CEO of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, the leading beverage company in China. Zong is a delegate to the Chinese National People’s Congress. Zong has served as a delegate to the Chinese National People’s Congress since 2002.



  1. Wang Wenyin

Net Worth: $10 billion

Wang Wenyin  is a Chinese businessman, chairman of Amer International Group, a Chinese company that produces cable and copper products and with interests in mining. He graduated from Nanjing University in 1993, than worked in a warehouse as a manager before starting his own powercord business which eventually grew into Amer International Group.



  1. Lei Jun

Net Worth: $9.1 billion

Lei Jun is a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur who founded XiaomiInc, one of the largest mobile phone makers in the world. In 1992, Lei joined Kingsoft as an engineer, becoming the CEO of the company in 1998 and leading it towards an IPO. On 20 December 2007, he resigned as president and CEO of Kingsoft.



  1. He Xiangjian

Net Worth: $7.5 billion

He Xiangjian is the co-founder of Midea, one of China’s largest appliance makers. Midea Group is electrical appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Beijiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.



  1. Liu Qiangdong

Net Worth: $7.1 billion

Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese tech entrepreneur. He is the founder of, one of the leading e-commerce industry leaders in China. After graduation, Liu was employed by  a Japanese health product enterprise, and successively served as the director for computers, the director for business, and the logistics supervisor. Two years later he resigned and start his own business.



  1. Liu Yongxing

Net Worth: $6.5 billion

Liu Yongxing is a Chinese businessman. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of East Hope Group, a Chinese company active in the agribusiness as well as chemical and non-ferrous metal industries. He is the president of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan, a part-time professor at China Agricultural University, MBA lecturer. He graduated from Xihua University in 1968.


  1. Wang Jing

Net Worth: $6.4 billion

Wang Jing is a Chinese businessman and billionaire. He is the Chairman and CEO of Beijing Xinwei, a Chinese telecoms company. He joined Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine but did not graduate. A collapse in the Chinese stock market meant Wang Jing’s net worth decrease over $10 billion.



  1. Chan Laiwa

Net Worth: $6.1 billion

Chan Laiwa is the founder and chairman of Fuwah International Group, one of Beijing’s largest commercial property developers. Chen is the founder of the China Red Sandalwood Museum, in which she is also the curator. She is also known as one of the cultural diplomats of China.She rise from very Poor situation even her poverty, forced Chen to leave high school and started her own furniture repair business.



  1. Wei Jianjun& Family

Net Worth: $6 billion

Wei Jianjunis a Chinese self-made businessman, chairman of Great Wall Motors, the largest Chinese SUV manufacturer. He worked at carpet factory and in a water-pump factory before joining billionaires of China.



  1. Hui Wing Mau

Net Worth: $5.4 billion

Hui Wing Mau is a Chinese-Australian entrepreneur and business tycoon, and the founder and the chairman of Shimao Property. Xu is estimated to be one of the largest property developers in Shanghai.After graduating from high school during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, he was sent to the countryside to work as a barefoot doctor.



  1. Lu Guanqiu

Net Worth: $5.4 billion

Lu Guanqiu was a Chinese billionaire and business magnate, and the founder of Wanxiang Group. according to the Hurun Report Lu Guanqiu is the richest person of Zhejiang Province. He is also representative of the Chinese National People’s Congress.When he was 15 years old, he dropped out of school and became an ironsmith.



  1. Zhang Zhidong

Net Worth: $5.2 billion

Zhang Zhidong, is a Chinese businessman, co-founder, former CTO and second-largest individual shareholder of Tencent, a Chinese internet company. He earned a master’s degree from South China University of Technology.Tencent is known as the world’s largest gaming company.



  1. William Ding

Net Worth: $4.9 billion

William Ding, is a Chinese billionaire businessman, and the founder and CEO of NetEase ( Ding made significant contributions to the development of computer networks in mainland China. In late 2016, Ding was looking into investing in the property sector, and travelled to Zimbabwe in December, and to the United Kingdom. He graduated from Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering and earned bachelor’s degree.



  1. Yang Huiyan

Net Worth: $4.9 billion

Yang Huiyan is a Chinese property developer and the majority shareholder of 57% in Country Garden Holdings. A stake largely transferred to her by her father Yeung Kwok Keung in 2007. She is the richest woman in Asia.Yang is graduated in Bachelor of Arts from Ohio State University in 2003.



  1. Wang Chuanfu

Net Worth: $4.7 billion

Wang Chuanfuis a Chinese chemist, billionaire businessman, and founder of BYD Company.He is a self-made billionaire, who belongs from family of poor farmer. He spent several years as a government researcher, but in 1995 he entered the private sector and founded his own company, BYD Company, outside of Shenzhen.

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