Top 20 Richest People In Spain

Top 20 Richest People In Spain

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  1. AmancioOrteg

Net Worth: 71.3 billion

Amancio Ortega is a Spanish business tycoon and founder of the Inditex group companies. He is also known as the richest businessman of Europe. In 2018, he loss more than $11 billion due to failure in business. He earned more than 400 million in year 2017.



  1. Sandra Ortega Mera

Net Worth: 6.7 billion

Sandra Ortega Mera is a Spanish billionaire heiress.Sandra Ortega Mera is the daughter of Amancio Ortega Gaona, founder of Inditex and one of the wealthiest people in the world. She earned a degree in psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela. she inherited her 7% stake in Inditex.



  1. Juan Roig

Net Worth: 5.1 billion

Juan Roig Alfonso is a Spanish billionaire businessman, president of Mercadona, the Spanish supermarket chain. He started his business with a chain of eight butchers’ shops in La Pobla de Farnals, later converted to grocery stores. Roig was awarded the Prince Felipe Prize for Business Excellence in 2010.



  1. Miguel Fluxà Rosselló

Net Worth: 3.3 billion

Miguel Fluxà Rosselló is a Spanish billionaire business tycoon, and the chairman and owner of Grupo Iberostar. He owns 100 hotels and resorts in 16 countries. Fluxà Rosselló is the third generation heir to a shoe-making business.



  1. Juan-Miguel Villar Mir

Net Worth: 2.9 billion

Juan-Miguel Villar Mir is a Spanish billionaire, former politician and CEO of the construction company Obrascón Huarte Lain. In 1976, he was Third Deputy Prime Minister of Spain for about six months. He has been a non-executive director of Santander since 2013.



  1. Rafael del Pino Calvo-Sotelo

Net Worth: 2.8 billion

Rafael delPinoCalvo-Sotelo is a Spanish billionaire businessman, the executive chairman of Ferrovial. Ferrovial company founded in 1952 by his father Rafael del Pino Moreno. He was the chief executive officer (CEO) of Grupo Ferrovial from 1992 to 1999. With a civil engineering degree he was graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.




  1. Hortensia Herrero

Net Worth: 2.8 billion

Hortensia Herrero Chacón is a Spanish billionaire businesswoman, and 28% shareholder of Mercadona, a Spanish supermarket chain. Herrero began philanthropic and patronage work by creating the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, which aims to recover, develop and share the historical and cultural sensibility of the Comunitat Valenciana.




  1. Alicia Koplowitz

Net Worth: 2.5 billion

Alicia Koplowitzis a Spanish business tycoon and noblewoman. After death of her father, she and her sister inherited Construcciones y Contratas, S.A. (CYCSA) a company founded by her father. She then sold her part of the company to her sister and created one of the largest family offices in Europe called Omega Capital.



  1. Manuel Lao Hernández

Net Worth: 2.4 billion

Manuel Lao Hernández is a Spanish billionaire and the founder of Cirsa, Spain’s largest casino company. He is one of the self-made billionaire in the country. He started the business in 1978 and expanded it to nine countries in Latin America and Europe. He still owns Cirsa’s Argentina operations.



  1. Isak Andic

Net Worth: 2.2 billion

Isak Andicis a Spanish businessman, the founder and largest shareholder in the clothing retail chain Mango. Before that, Andic’s family emigrated from Turkey to Barcelona, Spain in 1969, where he and his brother Nahman began selling hand-embroidered T-shirts and clogs.



  1. Helena Revoredo

Net Worth: 2.2 billion

Helena Revoredo is an Argentine-Spanish billionaire, and the chairman of Prosegur. Her late husband, Herberto Gut, founded the company in 1976. She has a bachelor’s degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, and an MBA from IESE Business School.



  1. Daniel Maté

Net Worth: 2.1 billion

Daniel Francisco MatéBadenesis a Spanish billionaire, and the shareholder of about 3% of Glencore. Daniel wrote lyrics and co-wrote the book for The Trouble With Doug, a comedic musical inspired by Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”.



  1. Juan Abello

Net Worth: 2.0 billion

Juan Abelló Gallo is a Spanish billionaire businessman, investor and art collector. Abelló inherited Abello Laboratories, which was founded by his pharmacist father. He has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the Complutense University of Madrid. Later, he became a member of Spain’s Royal Academy of Pharmacy.



  1. Jaime Botin

Net Worth: 1.8 billion

Jaime Botín-Sanz de Sautuola y García de los Ríos a Spanish billionaire heir, banker and art collector. He is the owner of Head of a Young Woman, a painting by Pablo Picasso. He acquired the Adix yacht from Alan Bond in 1989.



  1. Manuel Jove

Net Worth: 1.8 billion

Manuel Jove is a Spanish billionaire, and the founder of property development company Fadesa. Jove took the company public in 2004 and then sold his 55% stake for $3 billion in 2006, just before the collapse of the Spanish real estate bubble.



  1. Florentino Perez

Net Worth: 1.8 billion

Florentino Pérez is a Spanish business tycoon, civil engineer, and current president of Real Madrid, Chairman and CEO of Grupo ACS, a civil engineering company. Florentino Pérez first ran for the presidency of Real Madrid in 19 February 1995 election.In the year of joining, Real Madrid won two Spanish championships and its record ninth European Cup.



  1. Gabriel Escarrer

Net Worth: 1.7 billion

Gabriel Escarrer is a Spanish billionaire businessman, and the founder and chairman of Meliá Hotels International. He received his undergraduate degree from the Instituto Catolico de Administracion y Direccion de Empresas and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.



  1. Jose Llado Fernandez-Urrutia

Net Worth: 1.3 billion

Jose Lladó Fernandez-Urrutia (Madrid, 1934), is a politician and Spanish 1979 he was Ambassador of Spain in the United States. He has been a member of the Board of the Trustees of important Spanish companies. He earned a doctor’s degree in Chemical Sciences at the University of Madrid.



  1. Fernando Roig

Net Worth: 1.3 billion

Fernando Roig Alfonso is a Spanish billionaire businessman, the owner and president of the Spanish football club Villarreal CF, and owner of 9% of the Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona. As of October 2015, Forbes estimated his net worth at US$1.18 billion.



  1. Alberto Alcocer

Net Worth: 1.2 billion

Alberto AlcocerTorrais a Spanish businessman, investor and charity donor. Alcocer graduated in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 1976, Alberto Alcocer and Alberto Cortina were managing directors, transforming the company Constructions and Contracts in more than 30 societies.

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