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University of Birmingham

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The University of Birmingham is a public research university located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. It received its royal charter in 1900 as a successor to Queen’s College. Birmingham was founded in 1825 as the Birmingham School of Medicine and Surgery and Mason Science College which was established in 1875 by Sir Josiah Mason, making it the first English civic or red brick university to receive its own royal charter. It is a founding member of both the Russell Group of British research universities and the international network of research universities, Universitas 21. Owing to Birmingham’s role as a centre of light engineering, the university traditionally had a special focus on science, engineering and commerce, as well as coal mining. It now teaches a full range of academic subjects and has five-star rating for teaching and research in several departments. The student population includes 22,940 undergraduate and 12,505 postgraduate students, which makes it the fourth largest in the UK. The annual income of the institution for 2017–18 was £673.8 million of which £134.2 million was from research grants and contracts, with an expenditure of £663.2 million.

Birmingham University Library Services operates nine site libraries. They are the Barber Fine Art Library, Barber Music Library, Barnes Library, Education Library, Main Library, Orchard Learning Resource Centre, Dental Library, and the Shakespeare Institute Library. The Shakespeare Institute’s library is a major United Kingdom resource for the study of English Renaissance literaturen. The Cadbury Research Library is home to the University of Birmingham’s historic collections of rare books, manuscripts, archives, photographs and associated artefacts. The collections, which have been built up over a period of 120 years consist of over 200,000 rare printed books including significant incunabula, as well as over 4 million unique archive and manuscript collections. The Cadbury Research Library is responsible for directly supporting the University’s research, learning and teaching agenda, along with supporting the national and international research community. The Cadbury Research Library contains the Chamberlain collection of papers from Neville Chamberlain, Joseph Chamberlain and Austen Chamberlain. The Library holds important first editions such as De Humani Corporis by Versalius, the Complete Works of Ben Jonson, two copies of The Temple of Flora by Robert Thornton and comprehensive collections of the works of Joseph Priestley and D H Lawrence as well as many other significant works. The 2020 U.S. News & World Report ranks Birmingham 96th in the world. In 2019, it was ranked 137th among the universities around the world by SCImago Institutions Rankings.

In 2021 the Times Higher Education placed Birmingham 12th in the UK. It is widely regarded as making a prominent contribution to cancer studies, hosting the first Cancer Research UK Centre and making notable contributions to gravitational-wave astronomy, hosting the Institute of Gravitational Wave Astronomy. There are thousand academic and non -academic staff members in the school. They teach their students and offer practical guide on each topics in order to gain the best experience. University of Birmingham is one of the easiest to get admitted into because of its acceptance rate of 94.3%. This is an opportunity for aspirants to grab.

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