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University of East Anglia

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The University of East Anglia is a public research university in Norwich, England. It was established in 1963 on a 320-acre campus, west of the city centre. The university has four faculties and 26 schools of study. The annual income of the institution was estimated to be £273.7 million, of which £35.6 million was from research grants and contracts, with an expenditure of £262.6 million. University of East Anglia is a research-intensive institution recognised for the quality of its research. It is ranked 10th in the UK for the quality of its research outputs. It is proud of its strong research into real world issues such as cancer, dementia and climate change to water security and politics. UEA is a research-intensive institution recognised for the quality of its research. In April 2013 the university was ranked number one for student experience according to Times Higher Education Magazine. It currently ranks top 3 for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey when ranking mainstream English universities. UEA is the only institution to rank top five since the survey began.

The university offers over 300 courses in its four faculties, which contain 26 schools of study, that is the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, School of Art Media and American Studies, School of History, School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing. Some others are the Faculty of Medicine and Health, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Norwich Business School and School of Economics. In 1964 Arthur Miller ‘s “The Crucible “became the first drama production to be staged at UEA with John Rhys Davies Who later appeared in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the drama society’s first president. The school has a total of 3712 staff members, who are both academic and administrative. Many of them are award winners of great discoveries and impacts. There are over 16,000 students in the university.

The Main Library of the school lies at the heart of our campus which is set in 320 acres of rolling parkland just two miles from Norwich. The Library is a listed grade II building, designed by Denys Lasdun in 1968 with extensions in 1974 and 2006. It houses 866,000 printed books and periodicals, plus some A-V materials and microforms, and currently offers access to 750,000 e-books and 74,000 e-journals. The University provides academic, social and cultural activities to over 17,000 students. The campus also has the Robert Sainsbury Library, which is a specialised library in the indigenous arts and material culture of Africa, the Pacific Region and the Americas. It includes some material on related areas, e.g. South East Asia and related subjects, including anthropology, archaeology, religion, and museum studies. It is located at the western edge of the campus, in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. It is the first major public building designed by architect Norman Foster to house the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Art Collection. Its stock is included in the catalogue.

The institution offer a fully unconditional admission to its applicants, which implies that the University is satisfied that the applicant has met all the requirements for admission, both academic and non-academic.

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