University of King’s College

University of King’s College

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The University of King’s College, was established in 1789 in Halifax , Nova Scotia . It is the oldest chartered university in Canada. It is also the first English-speaking university in the Commonwealth outside the United Kingdom . The university is regarded for its Foundation Year Program, a comprehensive and interdisciplinary examination of Western culture through great books , designed for first-year undergraduates. It is also known for its upper-year interdisciplinary programs, particularly its contemporary studies program , early  modern studies program , and its history of science and technology program . King’s students generally take FYP in their first year and choose a specific degree program to pursue in their final three years. Most students at King’s take at least some classes through programs at Dalhousie University. With the exception of the journalism program, King’s students graduate with joint degrees from King’s and Dalhousie. King’s students are eligible to complete these degrees in any subject from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or Faculty of Science. In addition, the university has a journalism school that attracts students from across the world for its intensive Master of Journalism programs and its Master of Fine Arts in creative non fiction. It is the first of its kind in Canada. Its undergraduate journalism programs are known for leading content in digital formats.

Although the university was first established as the King’s Collegiate School in Windsor, Nova Scotia in 1788, a fire destroyed the original university in 1920, and the institution relocated to Halifax. The relocation was made possible with the help of Dalhousie University , which has since maintained a joint faculty of Arts and Social Sciences with King’s. This partnership provides students at King’s with full access to Dalhousie’s facilities and services. Despite this partnership, King’s remains independent under its own charter.

The university is located on the northwest corner of the Dalhousie University campus. The most popular majors at King University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Health Professions and Related Programs, Psychology, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, and Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Fire fighting and Related Protective Services. There are other courses available for studies in the school which students can explore. The university has a standard library which is equipped with thousands of books, journals and also e-books. They are easily accessible to students during and after, on and off campus. There are full-time as well as part -time academic staffs. There are also the administrative staffs including the library staffs.

The acceptance rate at The King’s College is 40.9%. This gives room for many aspirants to be selected as long as they meet the school requirements. It is actually one of the best schools to consider for admission. Their graduates are leaders and they do really well in their respective fields. They represent the institution in a good light. Post-graduate programs are also available in the school. Many applicants make the institution their first choice for their Post-graduate studies.

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